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Some admire the art of universe and all of it's creations, but few see the stories behind them. Breaking down the symbols that hide in plain sight yet speak loudly to our subconcious mind. It can be a film, photo, painting, story, or anything that stumps or intrigues the mind to pull back the curtain of perception. Mysteries uncovered and the self discovered under the magnifying glass of The Decoder.


We discuss the elements of your dream in detail and I work to decode its meaning and what it could be telling you. These sessions can be held in person, virtually, over the phone, as well as a written submission of your dream with a written/recorded version of my interpretation. We don't run from our nightmares…we face them!


Send in a picture/piece of art and I will decode it. I do this by picking out and breaking down the meaning and metaphysical truths of all the elements I can find in the picture. This includes but is absolutely not limited to colors, symbols, landscapes, animals, shapes, etc.. There are no limits here. The more abstract the better and simple is great. After the initial decoding, I will then write a creative piece based on my intuitive interpretation of the artwork and how it may relate to you or the world in general. 

Sample 1: Deluxe Decode


Moon: Represents the emotions, feminine energy and the internal. Crescent moon: 1st qtr moon phase.  In a partial solar eclipse. Brings in transition which may be disorienting. The changes that are happening now will have a bigger impact that you will see later down the line. 

Moon finding knowledge of the bigger picture without the light of the sun.   

Unicorn: goodhearted, gentle, somewhat naive but always eager to help. For his service and loyalty, Zeus honored him with a special immortality turning Pegasus into a constellation on the last day of his life. Mysterious creature capable of everything, symbolizing the divine inspiration or the journey to heaven 

Son of Medusa and Poseidon the Neptunian god of the sea. Created from the blood of a slain mother tricked and killed by Perseus. Thunder and lightning pierced the sky when pegasus was born. We can be afraid of the storms or we can realize the thunder and lightning are from the hooves of pegasus raining down inspiration 

Unicorns mark the season of spring. Sometimes when life seems like it’s stinging you out of nowhere it's like knocking someone riding your back off your shoulders.

Clouds: changeable in nature. Made of billions of molecules of water. Undefined in state yet full of potential. As they hold place among the sun and sky moon and stars. The vehicle of the celestials & daughter of the ocean. Symbol of ambiguity. We don't always know what is behind the clouds but we hope and know its beautiful.

Thunder bolt: destroy and create..transformative powers of the heavens. Anyplace struck is considered holy

Heart/Foot: Symbolic of compassion, love, and charity. it being on the feet which embodies strength, stability, resolve, and connection to earth. You are grounded in your wisdom of feeling and empathy. Others may see you as very down to earth. 

Red: Vitality, life force, fire, good luck, prosperity, passion, masculine energy, and sexuality. Red is often used as a color of protection. 

Yellow: The sun, power, intellect and intuition, life, truth, and endurance. Representative of the solar plexus. 

Sun: The sun is typically seen as yellow. With it being portrayed as red is actually a good thing. Bringing you great luck on the journey you foresee as well as the life force to go through with it and the masculine energy to actively go after it & execute. The yellow rays are providing you with intuition to guide you where the sun shines and the endurance to keep that masculine energy going without burnout. The key will really be trusting yourself. 

Space/Stars: The stars are there to give you something to aspire to. But they will not take up all of space as it is for you to create…maybe even place your own stars for others to Marvel. 


Walk in love, looking away from the darkness. Leaving the storms behind, raining with emotions pouring into the lands below. The sun shined bright, but you see things brighter. It looks better in the night. So you head into the unknown Without looking ahead. Just looking back smiling knowing you've grown. A mystical creature not of this world, merely in it. Standing tall as a horse. Hair flows like that of lions (lions and unicorns are often seen together.) Your magic wand at the center of your forehead. Wings like an angel, the purity of white cocaine, that places you among the stars. You’ve always been able to see the rainbow below the clouds, but now you are about to see how much bigger it is above them and how much brighter the sun shines with its radiant rays. You have ventured off to a new place into the unknown. While kicking back blessings and planting seeds where you left, looking back with a smile. You have given and continue to give your love but now you are learning to point some of that love into a new direction. Where your steps are guided by joyful feelings and you keep some love for yourself. Majestic in view even in times of change or chaos. A different kind of angel. 

Sample 2: Classic Decode


GRASS- healthy land, fertility, new growth, beginnings 

GREEN- new life, resurrection, heart chakra

SAND- transition period

BROWN- practicality, raw element

WATER- emotions, traverse, possibilities, moon

BLUE- truth, wisdom, peace, throat chakra 

SWORD- thoughts, courage, power, triumph, struggles

GRAY- gray area, sobriety, steadiness

ROCKfoundation, stability, truth 


As we go through life, there are times where we lean on those we consider to be heroes. There is no telling at times who is the hero on the journey and who needs the saving. We often just go to a place where we are led as the story unfolds. A place where darkness does not exist, merely a memory. You have arrived at a place of serenity and new beginnings. Peace. As you approach an empty sandy beach. No longer tethered to unhappiness that brings the clouds and shade. No makeshift shelter to hide as the storms roar or oversized raincoat to use to hide the pain. No one but you in a place for you. A place to laugh, smile, scream, and cry a river right into the ocean. Or just bask in the silence of the warm sunlight. The water though is deep if you go out too far into your emotions. No need for a boat when you can find happiness here, the toxicity slowly drifting away with each tide. It gets dark there; but that is the past, and the past is where it shall stay. Calm waters and light waves, the undercurrent of emotions are still at play. This storm may have passed, but it was only the first test, one must still be brave. As at all levels the “grey area" seeks to invade. The center of your attention and seemingly connected to everything. Even confusion is present as you try to create a new foundation out of the unknown. A foundation that is stable and founded on truth. The truth is, you are worth it. You may rest your head on that stone. Even as your thoughts seem to aim against it. Emotional thoughts can be tough to get a handle on as you try to keep your head above water. It’s hard to not drown in them. Who would be there to save you from this fear? Who will be there to throw the life vest of a listening ear? Who will bring you to shore and fill your heart with love and wipe away every tear? You. It is you who will swim out of the dark depths of your emotions. You who will walk the sands of recovery on the way to a new life. You who will dwell in the greener lands of healed hearts. You who will journey onward, on a path of inner growth. You who has the bravery, strength, and the wisdom to conquer your emotions and thoughts. You who knows that love of self is the only love needed. It is you and only you who can pull the sword from the rock. You are the brave hero. 

Good luck on your journey. 

Sample 3:  Quick Decode


Bright shiny patterns. Seldom recognized with quick glances as the blurriness can even make the sky look scattered. Filtering in the vibe of a pink sunrise to put the darkness in the past so new light can emerge to guide you into the future. Though the darkness may make its appearances and photo bomb with cameos, it’s all part of the bigger picture. Without it… the golden moments it created don't stick out. The stress in life is just a background character, a photobomber, but you make the whole picture. Say cheese!

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Deluxe Decode

Deluxe Decode

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In-depth analysis and interpretation. Quote recieved within 24hrs or less!

Full Decode

Personalized interpretation

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Classic Decoding

Classic Decoding

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Simple analysis and interpretation In-depth analysis and interpretation. Receive quote within 24hrs or less!

Basic Elemental Decode

Personalized Interpretation

Digital Copy

Quick Decode

Quick Decode

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Quick Decode or Written Piece. Receive quote within 24hrs or less!

Basic Elemental Decode OR Interpretation

Digital Copy

Dream Decoding

Dream Decoding

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Special Projects

Have something else in mind? I can decode more than just art pictures! Let's find the deeper and metaphysical meaning behind historical pieces, artifacts, diagrams, texts/readings, and more! Send in a special request and let me break it down!

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