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Some would say I have a way with words, but I think words have their own way. I just use them as a form of play. Not in a way to deceive. I just believe formats & rhyme schemes can be moved around yet still fit perfectly, like a universal puzzle piece. I'm fascinated by them, along with the frequencies and vibrations they bring forth into the world. From distant realms to our minds they travel in the same way we speak them into existence that we might see them with our own eyes. What is existence outside of being a word?


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Do you need words? Can't find the words you need? Want someone who has a lot of words that you can tap into? There's no need to fear, the Wordsmith is here! I am available for all your wordy needs. Small words. Big words. Words that make you feel. Words that make you think. You want 'em, I got 'em!  I have experience in using words for scripts, poetry, storytelling, cards, and more. I love using words in unique ways  for unique things. Whatever you can think of, let me put words to it. Place your request in the "Wordinator" and receive a response in 24hrs or less!

2 Sentence Poems

You provide 2 words, ideas, or sentences, and receive a poem based off of those promtps. Themes can be anything from deep, to mindbending, or comical. 

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Step 1: Send Request

Step 1: Send Request

Email your 2 sentences to be turned into a short written piece. *Turnaround time 48hrs or less
Step 2: Purchase Your 2 sentence poem

Step 2: Purchase Your 2 sentence poem

Order Your Poem
Words For Sale!

Words For Sale!

Schedule Consultation
Need a wordsmith? I can deliver the words or even be a writing consultant! Available and open to all opportunities (Content creation, skits, scripts for film/stage, etc). Email Higher Thought today or schedule a consultation.

2 Sentence Poems Examples

man in black jacket sitting on tunnel

Sample 1

Master of Chaos & Chosen

From the imagination of the creative minds 

Likened to the whole Disney

Fantastical feats from third person's view

Being of self or self believing? 

Unbuilt paths laid forth with no directions 

Unlabeled dimensions 

Mountains have been seen moving 

Taking correct steps when the universe is shaking

On one of Life's endless bridges feeling the wind in all the swaying 

Destination destiny 

Tempering the energies of oneself and the universe

The hero's journey by default 

Flying blind though with sight


"The world rages as it always does disturbing all things labeled peace" 

Woman dancing to the famous Arab belly dance. With sunset in the arid desert plain of Namibe. Africa. Angola.

Sample 2

Sunrise & Melody

It’s amber glow as it ascends its position to begin the day 

To brighten and bring to life the feeling of  intuition. 

To gaze at its golden horizon haze. 

Air lighter than feathers that float in the wind.

The warmth of celestial hugs while basking 

The silent sounds of its solid rays dancing 

To the beat of soft drums that whisper in comparison. 

A high pitch hum that flows like calm streams 

It soothes the soul like flutes that lift you slowly off your feet onto clouds to meet the sparkles and see why they gleam. 

Stirring emotions and memories within that nurture movement 

-💡 🌅 

Sample 3

Sample 3

  1. Purple is my favorite color 
  2. Amethyst / I’m A Very Spiritual Person

Respect The Amethyst 

I’m a very spiritual person 

I see things from a different lens 

SEE when I eat skittles I don’t just taste the rainbow. I follow it and I can tell you without a doubt it doesn’t end. 

Even though most might focus on the way the colors bend. 

Some might wonder if there’s a pot of gold 

When to me that’s a glow that can get old. 

I’m not trying to take the heat out your home 

I want to radiate what I’m feeling from deep in my soul. 

SEE I’m solid..I got the rainbow on my back

 with the strength of my essence 

 I’m filled with gods promise. 

I am peace with my antennas tuned into the divine 

Channeling different dimensions 

And in them all I shine bright 

Watch me dazzle in the light 

Reflections of my favorite color  

I make sparkles dance in circles 

Hello purple 

I’m a very spiritual person 

I say that to say this 

Give respect to the amethyst

person standing on body of water

Sample 4

Divine Living 

Forward and backwards

From the last to the first line

Life in flow of a historic rhyme

To be or not to be was the question 

I Am is the answer

Yet not to be confused with idolized perfection 

This is all inclusive 

Like a heavenly resort trip to higher destinations

Yet we are not temporary Iight beings. 

Getting the collective crowd going like the most highs hype team.

Dreamers but not the ones that follow pipes

We have the sight of corrective eye tunnels we are visionaries 

Manifesting a better life with the better food for better health

Divine living and living Devine  

Its life in flow of a historic rhyme

From the last to the first line 

Backwards or forwards


white labeled book

Sample 5

Humility & Confidence 

Happies and smiles 

Strengthful but graceful strides. 

Paving a new way yet not in anyone else’s 

The one that’s always helpful never helpless 

See’s the greatness in one self but also in everyone else

Vulnerable to admit their perfectly imperfectness

While acknowledging the perfection all of life itself

Still…Bold and decisive 

Empathetically aesthetic 

Clear consciousness

The epitome of 

-💡 💨 



Beautiful African Female Model

Sample 6

Queen of Dark Love

The goddess you admire yet do not approach 

For her power is strong 

Transcending the idea of beauty for which English has not the words 

Because they all start with stammers..

Close to the same words they some whisper in the dark 

And only sometimes in the light

The queen of all courts

The heartbeat of life 

When the all created her it must have wore gloves 

She is both 


And a mystery 

A glance into her eyes 

You will fall deep

Welcome to the gates of…





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