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“Just because you feel fear doesn't mean you can't do it. Do it afraid.” - Joyce Meyer

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Follow The Light Bulbs

Light bulbs represent something that has the power to captivate and emit brightness that can only be cherished. This could be an idea, feeling, deed, or anything that gives off positivity from a grounded position such that a positive effect is given off no matter where the energy goes. Embrace the spark of life, be that light, follow those light bulbs, let them guide you through the darkness.

Ask Thought

Some people ask Google. Some people ask Siri. We even asked Jeeves. Now, you can "Ask Thought"! Ask anything you would like to know and receive Light Bulb's highest thought!*

The question can be anything! You can ask about Higher Thought, something personal, or impersonal. Ever wonder about the meaning of life? Why the sky is blue? Need a movie reccomendation? This is where you can pull from the "Library of Thought" and Thee Light Bulb becomes an open book


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About Higher Thought

Higher Thought is not just a thing you think, it’s a thing you do. Higher thought is the action of seeking higher knowledge with the understanding of Etymology (because words are important!) and wisdom based in Truth.

Higher Thought EnT aims to push the boundaries of thought so that we may not only know ourselves better, but the world around us. Meditation is just ONE facet under the Higher Thought EnT umbrella. Using meditation is a way to take better control of our minds, relax, reduce anxiety, focus, battle depression, connect with ourselves, raise our conscious awareness, and more!


Thee Light Bulb

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am a man of many talents and skills. The question isn’t what do I do, it’s how can I help you? I’m a solution based intuitive creative think artist, with wisdom as a foundation. I stand to put my uniqueness to the test. Growing the legend of being your friendly neighborhood alien and higher thinker. I will show the world how to “follow the light bulbs."

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