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Higher Thought is not just a thing you think, it’s a thing you do.

Higher thought is the action of seeking higher knowledge based in Truth and the understanding of Etymology, because words are important! Higher thought is more than just one person, it is a collective. This collective aims to push the boundaries of thought so that we may not only know ourselves better, but the world around us as we raise our consciousness. This is the new renaissance. One where we dissolve limiting beliefs. If you think this is just about your thoughts when you’re high on a drug..then you have to think higher than that.

About The Creator

Kemani Thee "Light Bulb"

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (Motor City. Light Bulb was a nickname given as a child. The nickname not given in vain, as he aims to be a light everywhere he goes. Doing so by "following the light bulbs" to find the Higher Thought, a natural mission he has been on (at first unkowingly) his entire life. A born seeker. He grew up with a love for sports, art, games, learning, science, animals, reading, film, history, travel, music, philosophy, how things work, all things weird, and of course... the "Unknown".

There is a lot more to Light Bulb than that but these are the main pillars that helped shape him. Nothing is too weird, taboo, impossible, or untouchable. His journey led him to Eastern Michigan University where he studied Product Design & Development to become a Mechanical/Design Engineer. In the midst of this, he found himself falling deeper in love with the arts, being a part of CloseUp Theatre Troupe; a non-traditional theatre troupe that talked about the college experience and tackled social issues with personal stories in a unique way. It was where he began to fully discover and develop his creative gifts. He later went on from being an actor, to being a co-director. From there he did stage plays, sketch comedy, podcasting, acted in films, assistant directed a feature length, wrote poetry, scripts, and much more.

Light Bulb turned his love for knowledge into learning about history, the unknown, astrology, religion, philosophy, all things metaphysics, words, writing, decoding, and the meaning of all things. Most of which was driven by my wanting to understand the world around him and how things work... that engineer mind! Thanks to that, he lives up to the Higher Thought idea by becoming a walking library and human encyclopedia. In his own words: "I have had life experiences that has helped me understand not just the world but people at a very DEEP level. Some of those experiences triggered a series of spiritual awakenings. These awakenings have taught me how to overcome things like PTSD, learning my spiritual gifts, and gaining a higher level of awareness which is where meditation comes in. I began to take it more seriously to help myself by creating my own way and helping countless others along the way! My goal now is to use my experiences, to bring "light bulb" moments and Higher Thought to the world. This is not all that I am, but a piece of me."   

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